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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why I am Smitten About SMITTEN WOVENS

I've been enjoying some wraps recently from Smitten Wovens, and I just keep finding more things to love about this company! So, after spending my morning snuggling these wraps and my little ones,  I thought I'd share with you all the reasons I am smitten with Smitten...

1. Smitten Wovens is USA based and all wraps are produced in the USA.

2. Every wrap purchased includes a gently used book to share with your little ones.

3. Smitten Wovens donates money from every release to a charity chosen by their fans!

4. With the widest wrap on the market, you can easily carry little ones of every size without struggling to make a good seat.

5. I love supporting a fellow Texas family!

6. They offer a 6 month warranty on all their wraps to protect their customers from any manufacturer's defects.

7. You can buy a size 8 for under $200!

8. They have plenty of in-stock wraps readily available for purchase at wearsmitten.com.

9. Every Smitten has passed ASTM F2907-14b and flammability testing and is lab certified to be free of heavy metals and phthalates.

10. They are an ethical company that I can feel proud to support!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Breakout Brand of 2017: Emmeline Textiles

Ok, so I must admit I haven't been around as much the last few months. I got a new job, and my 19 month old began the dreaded "wrap strikes". So, we began wrapping less, which caused me to decline many off the traveler offers I received, and I began to wonder what all Babywearers wonder during the wrap strike phase: do I still belong in this community?

And then I found a new woven company. It all began with some spam a friend posted, of a unique and beautiful design that took my breath away with its simplistic style and breathtaking purple hue. Partita. Being as I hadn't pined after a wrap in months, I simply had to seek out the company behind it. What I found was the delightful Emmeline Textiles. 

Emmeline Textiles is a small company made up of two sisters who share a love of babywearing, Textiles, and family. While they are not yet well known among brands, they create an exquisite collection of wraps that provide cush, moldability, support, stretch, texture, and innovation. Their signature design, Eleanor Pearl, offers an elegant design with marshmallowy cush. Their most recent design, Amelia, showcases a single crepe weave stripe within a gorgeous satin weave, the latest in their signature Ribbon Collection. Not to be outdone, their rainbow of Partita colorways offer a variety of cottons and colors that brighten your day and support your wearer--no matter their size! Finally, my current crush is their lovely Emmeline design, a wonderful floral pattern that offers floppy goodness right out of the wash while providing all the support I need for my 4 year old. (Yes, I said four!)

As if that weren't enough, their in-house, one of a kind dye jobs are simply amazing, turning every wrap into a work of art. 

Am I being paid to write this? No. Ali and Jess will probably be surprised to read this tomorrow. But this is a company I really believe everyone should know about, not just for their amazing Textiles--which I believe are made to call Perma--but also for their integrity, their passion, their accessibility, and their community. 

Don't know who they are? Join their brand group, The Coterie. Feel free to ask them anything and get to know the next big brand in babywearing! (And snag an ET wrap before they all become HSA items!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ableist Language in the Babywearing World

In the babywearing world, we often pride ourselves on inclusiveness, We want to welcome all kinds of caregivers to this incredible practice of babywearing, and we say as much in every online group and forum that exists. At least, we THINK we do. As it turns out, there is an area that is being pointed out more and more often as needing improvement. This area? Ableist Language. What is that, you ask? Well, Ableism can be described as "systematic, institutional devaluing of bodies and minds deemed deviant, abnormal, defective, subhuman, less than." So, how does our language about babywearing devalue the bodies and minds of our fellow babywearers? Well, when we flippantly use terms like "crazy", "lame", "nuts", etc. we are intentionally or unintentionally assigning a negative connotation to those with physical or mental disabilities, or dismissing them all together. What may seem like no big deal to you can actually be very hurtful to others in our babywearing community. This has become such an important topic that Jaime Gassmann, owner of Bijou Wear, wrote a post to bring attention to the subject in her chatter group, Bijou Buzz. Jaime admitted her own mistakes in language when she said:

"Language is so powerful. Things like "dumb" or "insane" or "lame" were "just words" to me for so long...in my daily life I was never confronted with the awful power of those words to shame and hurt people. I used them (and others) everyday. I used dumb when I meant unpleasant, not considering that when it is equated in that way it is a terrible slur against people who cannot speak. I used insane or crazy when I meant wild, reckless, or awful--using a mental illness term or slur in a cavalier way and/or equating it with "bad" behavior. I used lame to mean unpleasant or annoying...and then one day the political phrase lame duck came up around someone with a permanent disability who walked with assistance. That woman is not ineffectual or unpleasant or annoying. She walks with a limp because of a disease, and that does not define her."

Jaime brings up many good points about the difference between the easiest word choice and the most accurate word choice. Often, ableist language is simply the first word to pop into your head, out of habit. That doesn't make it the best word choice though, and in many cases, whether you intend it or not, it is hurtful to others reading your words. Especially in the babywearing world, one that often takes place online, it is important to choose your words wisely, as your words represent you to the entire community.

This is an important issue to me personally, as someone who lives with Postpartum Depression and OCD, because I daily read the flippant words of other babywearers who are "obsessed" with wrapping or are "crazy" about wearing. If you have not struggled with mental illness, you cannot know what a challenge it is to live with obsessions and irrational thoughts. To have your illness laughed at or brushed aside as unimportant or imaginary. To be treated as different or less than your peers. Your hobby does not compare to my illness.

So, how do we fight against ableist language? The first step is simply admitting we use language that is problematic. By admitting it is problematic, we can begin to recognize when we use it and work toward finding better, more accurate words and phrases to express ourselves. Taking these steps is not about being "PC". We choose to change our language in an effort to be more considerate of and inclusive to our fellow babywearers. Whether your babywearing group has rules about ableist language or not, you can strive to be considerate of others simply by cutting out words that are problematic.

Let's start with a short list of frequently used ableist language found in the babywearing world, and let's share some alternatives. This list isn't meant to be exhaustive by any means, but it will be a jumping off point to learning how to choose better, more accurate words in our everyday language. If you can start by trying to eradicate these words from your vocabulary, you're already taking great steps to be more inclusive of all babywearers. Habits are hard to break, and we may need to remind ourselves more than once not to use certain words, but the important thing is to make the effort, to care enough to make the effort. I'll also share some more resources at the end of this list for further reading.


Example: "This is a crazy deal for this wrap!"

Instead use: ridiculous, absurd, unbelievable, amazing, unfathomable


Example: "I am obsessed with babywearing!"

Instead use: in love with, passionate about, hobby, passion


Example: "I am definitely a wrap hoarder!"

Instead use: textile curator, wrap collector, collecting, keeping, saving


Example: "Selling that wrap was such a dumb decision!"

Instead use: absurd, wrong, bad, careless, thoughtless


Example: "I'm so OCD, I always have to fold my wraps a certain way."

Instead use: particular, specific, organized

Now remember, this is just a jumping off point. To learn more about ableist language, check out these links below...

10 Questions About Why Ableist Language Matters, Answered
Autistic Hoya: Ableism/Language
Casual Ableist Language

Monday, May 2, 2016

Risaroo: Your 1-Stop Shop for Mother's Day!

HINT: If she shared this link, she definitely wants something from Risaroo Baby Carriers and More!

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Oh, you didn't realize that? Panicking a little, are we? Well, no need to worry anymore. Risaroo Baby Carriers and More is the place to go for the perfect Mother's Day gift, without breaking the bank or worrying about it getting there on time. If the mother in your life loves babywearing, then it's easy to find something she'll love at Risaroo.

Below are five reasons why!

1. Risaroo has tons of the best brands!

Whether the mama in your life loves Girasol or Smitten, Natibaby or Soul Sling, or perhaps even another awesome brand, Risaroo carries a wide variety of the most beautiful designs she could desire! You'll definitely find something she'll love without having to search multiple shops online or off. Risaroo is a one stop shop!

2. Risaroo offers Priority Shipping!

Yes, I realize Mother's Day is this Sunday. So, don't hesitate to buy your gift at Risaroo now. Since Risaroo offers priority shipping, you won't have to worry about your gift getting there on time--shipping only takes 2-3 days!

3. Risaroo works within your budget!

Have you seen Risaroo's fantastic Boomerang Bin? Filled with a variety of brands and styles, all of these beautiful wraps are offered at a fraction of the retail price, and any are guaranteed to wow her when they arrive! Just use the code BOOMERANG to get 15% off your order. This is the easiest place to find something gorgeous for her while resting easy about the cost.

4. Risaroo is more than just wraps!

Is she a mom on the go that prefers a ring sling for quick ups? Is she a basic Tula mama who enjoys Starbucks at Target? Does she love the beauty of a mei tai wrapped around her little one? Risaroo offers all of these carriers in addition to the many wraps in their shop!

Have no clue what the difference is between a ring sling and a mei tai? Well, with Risaroo gift cards, you can give her the perfect gift by letting her pick it out! So stop sweating the details and give her the freedom to choose her own present.

Need another reason to go to Risaroo now? She'll love it. So, if you're looking to make her smile a little brighter and hoping she'll brag about her Mother's Day to her friends, go to www.Risaroo.com now and get her the gift she'll love. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Underground Review: Bijou Wear Roxy Austin

The heat in Texas can be humid. It can be stuffy. It can be overwhelming. So it is important to me as a babywearer to have a wrap in my stash for those hot days that is thin, breathable, and comfortable. Lucky for me, Jaime Gassmann loves to make what I need. 

Roxy Austin stole my heart from the first hint of burnt orange. As an Austin girl myself, I love this color that pops during the summer but also blends into the fall. And the Roxy design has always been a favorite of mine since it provides contemporary beauty as the rails of my wraps overlap across each other to create new art with every pass. 

But my favorite part of this wrap is how thin and breathable it is. I'm amazed that it doesn't take away from the support it offers. It simply gives me the solid carry I need without overwhelming me with thickness or density. Yet it's still incredibly soft and comfortable. It's great for everyday weather here in Texas, but it will shine in summer weather everywhere. 

If you love the words thin, breathable, glide, support, and soft when describing a wrap, then you better be ready on Friday to snag one of these beauties!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Underground Review: Bijou Wear Roxy Alexandrite By Night

Wrap: Bijou Wear Roxy Alexandrite By Night (Alex), exclusive for Koala Bear Square
Size: 6
Wrappee: 10 months old

There are some wraps you buy for aesthetics, wraps you may not love for their wrapping qualities but need to own for their looks. Then there are some wraps that are blanket soft, like your favorite old sweatshirt, whose looks you could care less about because it feels so comfortable. Rarest of all is the wrap that somehow encompasses the best of both worlds: comfort and design, looks and feel. Roxy Alexandrite By Night is that wrap.

Roxy Alexandrite, or Alex for short, is a deep plum hue with black diamond accents. Many women find themselves looking for a wrap that works for any occasion, and Alex does not disappoint. The design is modern and gorgeous, adding an exciting look to a t-shirt and jeans or jazzing up your little black dress for an evening out. Whether you plans for the weekend include a wedding, hike, or shopping the boutiques, Alex shines in a contemporary style.

However, its eye-catching appeal still does not compare to its unbelievably comfortable feel. My first time wrapping with Alex was on a cold rainy day, one of those days you don't even want to change out of your flannel pj's or leave the house. In fact, I didn't even wait to get dressed before wrapping my little one close in the softness of this wrap. While many people speak of various wraps as being blanket or sweatshirt soft, the truth is that kind of true comfort is difficult to find in the wrap world. So, believe me when I say I found a wrap that snuggles you and your baby whether you're babywearing out and about or snuggling together on the couch.

You'll find this wrap to be very supportive with a good amount of cush. There is not a lot of texture with this design, which lends to a nice glide when you wrap. There is no horizontal or vertical stretch, but there's just enough diagonal stretch to make sure this wrap hugs you and your baby nicely in a carry. It's a thinner wrap but not too airy, and it's not so dense that you'll feel heavy when you wear.

One thing to note: this wrap came to me well washed and worn. I immediately noticed a light layer of fuzziness, almost pilling. After talking to both Koala Bear Square and Bijou Wear, it has been stated that although this is a cotton and tencel wrap, it is best to hang dry this beauty if you wish to avoid that fuzzy look. It in no way affects the safety of the wrap, but is the best way to help your wrap stay in excellent condition.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Babywearing Art: Parenthood Art Designs

The time available to us as babywearers often seems fleeting. There are days we wish we could pause time to keep this special memory of holding our little ones close with us forever. Though our babywearing days will end, having your own babywearing artwork created of you and your little one makes it possible to enjoy a keepsake of this time long after these days have passed.

But where do we go for these keepsakes? Which artists are out there and how does it work? And how do I know which artist is for me? This series is all about Babywearing Art: who does it, how they approach it, and how to find the one that is right for you! Today we will begin our series with...

Parenthood Art Designs

Medium: Digital Art
Cost: $33.71
Wait time: average one week
Discount: WILLWRITEFORWRAPS makes price $23.00!
GIVEAWAY: https://www.facebook.com/Willwriteforwraps/posts/984402528306788

Sue, of Parenthood Art Designs, is from Puerto Rico and currently lives in Jerusalem. She is a stay at home mom who is still relatively new to the business of babywearing art, which means a short wait time and inexpensive cost for you! Sue's process includes discussion with the client to better understand what babywearing means to them, multiple drafts to ensure her client has opportunities to give input to help guide the design, and once it's finished she offers a high resolution image (and if you want, a print, tote bag, canvas, etc. at extra cost). She tries to complete her work within a week of receiving a client's photo, but what is most important to her is capturing the beauty of babywearing as the parent sees it. Sue offered to design a babywearing piece for me so I could walk you all through the process, and this is how it went...

Day 1

Sue was incredibly friendly and walked me through the process with great communication. She asked me for a babywearing picture I loved, preferably not at odd angles, and also a word/phrase/theme that I feel represents our journey in babywearing or resonates with me as a mother. I sent her two pictures, one taken of me which I felt was our best babywearing photo, and one of us in my favorite wrap, which I hoped could be incorporated into the piece. I also told her that we have a love for the Beatles in my family, and though I wasn't sure if that was a "theme" it definitely was important to us. At this point I already worried about being a high-maintenance client, but Sue assured me that "it is important [the client] really feels the design encompasses what babywearing means to them".

Photo #1 sent to Sue

Photo #2 sent to Sue

Day 5

Sue told me she likes to have a first draft sent to the client within three days of receiving the photos. With me, I received my first draft in four days. But what amazed me was how little it looked like a draft and how much it looked like a work of art already! She reminded me that this was just a first draft, and at this point I should tell her what I liked and didn't like so we could move forward toward a final piece of art. Remember, in my initial email to her I mentioned how much we loved the Beatles, and she didn't disappoint in incorporating them! The bright colors and Beatles silhouette with "all you need is love" in the background really impressed me. However, one thing definitely needed to be tweaked. The X's and O's on my wrap looked nothing like the wrap's actual design (XOXO by Pavo Textiles). I didn't fault Sue in this at all, since she obviously didn't have a clear image of the wrap to work with, so I sent her a photo of the wrap laid flat so she could better recreate the design. She immediately replied with thanks and got to work!

Sue's First Draft

The photo I sent of the wrap laid flat

Day 6

Believe me when I saw I wasn't expecting another draft within 24 hours, but Sue is amazing! When she sent me her second draft, I was impressed by how well she was able to recreate the X's and O's to match the gorgeous design of Pavo Textiles. I didn't even hesitate before saying this was exactly what I wanted, and Sue then sent me the high resolution image to keep. Doesn't it look wonderful?

Final Artwork

Sue was a great communicator, created beautiful work while always seeking my input and approval, and her turn around was only six days! I was more than satisfied as a client and felt very comfortable being guided through the process and asked for my thoughts. She created a beautiful piece that reflects the colorful, joy-filled world that is babywearing to me. My recommendation is to book her for your own piece of art before word gets out and she gets busier!